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Rural Access to School

We provide rural access to education through two primary schools located deep in the village. 

Our goal is to bring education to areas where children didn't previously have the opportunity to go to school. With our dedicated team of teachers and staff, we are committed to providing free quality education that empowers our students to excel in their studies and in life.

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We focus on delivering high-quality teaching and learning experiences to our students. With strong oversight and continuous improvement, we ensure that our students receive the best education possible.


It works! We are proud to see our students outperforming others in the subcounty, setting them up for a brighter future.

Free Quality Education

Sustainable, Community Driven Impact

We involve the whole community in our schools and the education of these children to create sustainable impact for generations to come. 

We have active and engaged School Management Committees and Parent Teacher Associations that support with school governance.

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During the 1990’s to the early 2000's there was conflict in Northern Uganda.


Families were forced into camps, schools were destroyed, many were killed, and they lost their main source of income: agriculture and livestock.


Now, the majority of the population are subsistence farmers, with an average income of less than $1 a day. 


Our hope is that access to quality education will empower our students to lift their region out of poverty. 

We provide:
Pre-School and Primary Education 

While access to primary education has been increasing across Sub-Saharan Africa, many areas in Northern Uganda have been left behind and children in villages still lack access to quality education. 

Our schools overcome the challenges that rural students face... 

DISTANCE: Previously our students had to walk two hours to get to school

CONSISTENCY: Teachers were often absent (20-30%) and a high number of students dropped out (33%)

QUALITY:  The quality of primary education in villages in Uganda was low, with low literacy rates

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High Performance

The number of children out of school in the area has decreased. Our students are performing the best in the sub-county on their graduating exams. 

Social Impacts

We're seeing a reduction in early marriages and pregnancies. And we're working towards creating better health outcomes through a school clinic. 


Community Development

Ultimately, our students are progressing to high quality secondary schools because of their high performance. We expect they will use this education to further develop the community

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