The Situation

The closest primary school to Orit Barpunu village before Nahla was a 2 hour walk away and often impossible to reach during the rainy season. 


Only 29% of children in the village went to school, leaving 71% of children without an education.

For those that did attend school, the quality of education was poor. Teachers were inconsistent and often did not show up to teach their classes. Instead of getting a good education, children grew up helping their family farm, continuing the cycle of poverty. 

Our Solution

Our flagship school opened in February 2018 and we currently have 350 children enrolled.


We have 12 teachers, one head teacher, cooks, guards and cleaning staff. All of our staff were hired from the local community.


Our co-founder, Etyang Fred, who is from the community, is providing oversight over operations, and has made sure the villagers are engaged through every stage of the process to make sure that the school will be successful.

Our Impact

Our goal is for education to act as a means for the people of Orit Barpunu to further the development of their community.


By providing the children of Orit Barpunu with an education, we will give them skills they can use to build a new future for themselves and their families.


Nahla is a seven year old girl from New Jersey who raised $2,000 to build a well for the children in our school. 

We named our school after Nahla because we want all of our kids to have that same spirit. When you give children an education it empowers them to be able make a difference, not only for themselves but also for those around them. Our hope is that all of our kids use what they learn, like Nahla, to give back to their community or even other communities around the world.


Nahla Nursery and Primary School is located in Northern Uganda, North of Lira in a small village called Orit Barpunu. 

It takes approximately 6 hours to drive to Lira from the capital of Uganda, Kampala, and another 45 minutes to get to the village from Lira.