The Situation

The area where we built our second school is very remote, and had a high population of children not going to school.


The closest school was a failing private school, with high school fees that families couldn't afford and few teachers. The next nearest schools were hours walk away with large class sizes and poor quality of education. 

Our Solution

Our second school is opening in 2021, and we expect to have over 300 children enrolled.


We have 12 teachers, one head teacher, cooks, guards and cleaning staff. All of our staff were hired from the local community.

Our Impact

Our goal is for education to act as a means for the people of the area to further the development of their community.


By providing children with access to quality education, we will give them skills they can use to build a new future for themselves and their families.


When Hayden turned 13 he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, a Jewish ceremony that recognizes the transition to becoming an adult. Usually, gifts are given to the celebrant, but Hayden realized that he already has everything he needs, so he asked guests to donate to the Growing Heart of Africa Foundation to build a school.
Hayden was thrilled that the donations he funded the construction of an entire school! We named our school after Hayden because we want a
ll of our kids to have that same spirit. Our hope is that all of our kids give back to their community or even other communities around the world.


Hayden Primary School is located in Northern Uganda, North of Lira in a remote village in Agweng Sub-County. 

It takes approximately 6 hours to drive to Lira from the capital of Uganda, Kampala, and another hour  to get to the village from Lira. Hayden is approximately one hour away from Nahla Nursery and Primary School