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Education Can't Wait, 

So We Won't



School closures are reversing years of progress made towards access to education in Uganda. Many students in rural villages, like the ones we serve, can't access remote learning options.


Only 3% of households in Uganda have an individually owned computer,

and only 6.6% of rural households have access to internet.

The longer students are disengaged from education, the lower the likelihood they will return to school in the future, as students start working to help support their families, and girls get married early.

Deki is taking action to keep our students engaged in education.



We're distributing take home study materials produced by the Uganda Ministry of Education, so that students can continue to study at home. ​

Our goal is to continue to keep our students engaged in education while schools are closed.


We are developing a parent engagement survey that will be administered by our teachers.


Our goal is to increase parent engagement and find out what parents want out of our schools, if the schools are meeting their needs, and how they want to get more involved in their kids' education.


Our teachers are visiting students at their homes, while observing social distancing guidelines, to provide in-person feedback on their work.

Our goal is to continue to provide jobs for our teachers and quality education for our students.

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