Because where you are born, shouldn't determine whether or not you get to go to school.

This Giving Tuesday, Deki is looking for sponsors for the 40 children that will be in our 2020 kindergarten class at Nahla.


A one-time investment of $120

will provide a year of quality education for one child.


Or you can sign up to be a monthly donor!

$10 a month provides quality education for one child.


Let's make sure that where you are born doesn't determine

whether or not you get to go to school! 



Growing Hearts of Africa Foundation

Our schools are built in partnership with Growing Hearts of Africa Foundation. As our biggest supporters, they have made it possible for hundreds of kids to go to school!!

St. Mark's Men's Bible Study

The men at St. Mark's have been so supportive! They raised money so that we can have solar power at Nahla!

Berean Church

Lincoln, NE

A Sunday School Class at the Lincoln Berean Church raised money so kids can continue to attend our school for free!!

Lincoln East Rotary

We are proud to be supported by the Lincoln East Rotary and their wonderful members!

Red Empress Foundation

Red Empress donated money so that we can build a well for our second school!


David Miller of PeachCap and his team made it possible for us to build a new Nursery Building!

The April Fund was one of our first donors, and has funded us for the past three years!

the April Fund

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"The biggest difference you can make is to enable other people to discover that they make a difference." - Werner Erhard